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Multidisciplinary pain management for the individual living in their community

Living with persistent pain and finding quality of life

Dr Ian Thong Pain Specialist

Grad. Cert. Pain Management, Cert. Occupational Medicine.

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  • Managing persistent or chronic pain has significantly changed in the last few years. Evidence based on current research recommends a multifaceted and coordinated multidisciplinary approach. Advances have been made in our understanding of how the brain and nervous system changes in response to pain. There is increasing evidence that genetics, past experiences, thoughts, mood, diet, environment and ageing affects pain. There are ongoing changes to recommendations in the indications for medications and surgery.
  • Our “vision” and motivation is to improve a person’s quality of life despite pain using current evidence based on international studies and research.
  • Central West Pain Specialists helps people of all ages with pain due to injury or disease. This includes coordinated medical, physical and psychological treatment as well as coordinating care with other treating doctors and health professionals. We provide pre-employment assessments as well as treatment for work injuries. This clinic uses one of the latest technology for acute and chronic back pain.
  • Central West Pain Specialists is a full time multidisciplinary pain management service located in Bathurst. It is located in the community for rural patients in Central NSW and surrounding areas. Locating the service in the community and in the country means easier access, follow up, less travel.
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