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Multidisciplinary pain management for the individual living in their community

Living with persistent pain and finding quality of life

Dr Ian Thong Pain Specialist

Grad. Cert. Pain Management, Cert. Occupational Medicine.

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Dr Ian Thong – Pain Specialist and GP

Dr Thong is a pain specialist (FFPMANZCA). He trained at Royal North Shore Hospital at the Michael Cousin’s Pain and Research Centre. His other medical experience and expertise includes in Bachelor with Honours in Anatomy and Physiology, a PhD in neurobiology, neurophysiology and neuroplasticity (University of Sydney), training as a musculoskeletal physician (University of Otago, New Zealand), training in pain medicine in Calgary Pain Clinic, Calgary, Canada, graduate certificate in pain management (University of Sydney), Certificate Occupational Medicine (Monash University). Completing his GP training in 2002 (FRACGP), expertise and experience includes emergency medicine, psychology, drug and alcohol, rehabilitation, general medicine, palliative care, aged care, work injury and management and coordinated care. Training as a pain specialist (FFPMANZCA) includes acute and chronic pain management, clinical pharmacology, psychiatry, cognitive therapy, surgical pain interventions. He is experienced in occupational medicine and medicolegal work. He has publications in peer reviewed journals, a regular educator and speaker nationally and internationally, and is an editor and reviewer for a medical journal. He is co-chair for Agency of Clinical Innovation (ACI), NSW health. He sits on RACGP addiction and pain management committees. He has taught at tertiary and postgraduate levels.

Born and raised in Sydney, he found that he had a passion to work as a rural doctor in medical school and has worked in Bathurst since 2001 as a GP. During his work as a GP, he identified a rural need for a pain specialist so completed this training so that he could bring the service back to the country. He set up the service in Bathurst, the town he identifies as home.

Dean Oxley – Psychologist

Dean is a local Bathurst person. Working as a teacher for many years, he underwent further training to become a psychologist. His experiences and expertise and growing up in rural NSW has made him who he is – an expert psychologist. He has a strong focus on cognitive therapy and self awareness and his treatment is directed towards self actualization and self management, essential qualities for pain management.

Julian May – Physiotherapist

Julian also grew up in the country. He has a strong passion for musculoskeletal medicine and currently completing his Masters in Physiotherapy. He understands the importance of self directed management, communicates well with patients and health professionals and appreciates the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to pain management.

Nicola Thong – Pharmacist

Nicola is a qualified teacher and pharmacist and has completed a bachelor of science. She initially started studying medicine but decided that she was more passionate about teaching. She works as a pharmacist in Orange hospital with many areas of expertise including geriatrics, mental health and drug and alcohol. She has several years experience working as a community pharmacist. She is currently working as the practice manager for Central West Pain Specialists, her skills are an asset to the practice helping patients.

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