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Multidisciplinary pain management for the individual living in their community

Living with persistent pain and finding quality of life

Dr Ian Thong Pain Specialist

Grad. Cert. Pain Management, Cert. Occupational Medicine.

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I chose to become a rural doctor during medical school because it was obvious that medical services in the country was limited. I have been in Bathurst for over 15 years and no desire to leave. Working as a GP a lot of my work was caring for patients with complex disease and chronic pain. What I learned was there was almost no pain services in rural NSW, and patients would have travel hours for appointments in Sydney.

So with the sole intent of bringing pain specialist services west of the Blue Mountains I completed three years of training in Canada and Sydney to become a pain specialist. Because some patients with pain struggle to travel, I have clinics in 7 towns – Bathurst, Dubbo, Forbes, Lithgow, Mudgee and Parkes.

Acute and chronic pain is complex, treatment has significantly changed in the last 5 years, affects people of all ages and stages of life and there are many recognised factors to consider to optimise treatment. The goal of treatment is to maximise quality of life. Although there is no cure for chronic pain, with the advances that have being made, the statement – “there is nothing more that can be done” – no longer applies.

The pain team at Central West Pain Specialists are all rural health professionals and have a strong commitment to looking after country people.

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